Thursday, May 8, 2008

Press Under Attack in Bangladesh

The Suburban in its editorial wrote, "They are neither. They work alone, with no support, forging ahead to bring the truth into open. The International Press Freedom Awards that recognizes courage in journalism is an important event that brings the plight of these journalists to light. But it's not enough. They deserve encouragement and support because in dangerous situations, they champion everything we hold dear, and often take for granted."

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Inside Associated Press’ Dhaka office

By: Judi McLeod

God only knows there are always those who would seize on what they envision as the vulnerability of a journalist an entire government bearing down on without relief, it is just difficult to take when that journalist is sanctioned by the office of the world famous AP office in Dhaka.


Muhammad Yunus thinks imaginatively - Abed

By: Rashidul Bari

“In general, people of Bangladesh are enjoying better healthcare facilities because of Grameen & BRAC contribution to poverty alleviation and the education and health sectors. The people of many neighboring countries are still disadvantaged of such facilities,” said Dr. Sen, while speaking as the chief guest at a reception at Harvard University in honor of Fazle Hasan Abed. “Bangladesh has earned worldwide acclaim for the system of micro-credit pioneered by Muhammad Yunus and the largest non-governmental organization of the world established by Abed” he added. Today—our interview is with FH Abed.


Anti Semitic Associated Press

By: Prof. Barry Rubin

If I would choose one article in the Western media that I have read over many decades as the worst piece of anti-Israel propaganda of all, it might well be Karin Laub’s April 26, 2008 piece, “Palestinian plight is flip side of Israel's independence joy.” Why? Because many articles have slandered Israel on various points or told falsehoods ranging from the disgusting to the humorous or been based on assumptions that were at odds with the truth. But in this case, the article encapsulates the way in which much of the world has turned from admiration to loathing of Israel, and the way in which Israel’s destruction—which in other contexts would be seen as genocidal—has been justified.


Associated Press loses credibility

By: Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury

American news agency Associated Press [AP]’s Dhaka office has finally exposed its extremely nasty anti-Semitic and anti-Israel face. Recently, it was revealed when a staff correspondent with AP’s Dhaka office, Parveen Ahmed wrote several emails to an eminent columnist in South Asia named Sunita Paul, where Parveen expressed virtual anger as Ms. Paul wrote an excellent article on repression of journalists in Bangladesh. She [Parveen] also passed extremely objectionable remarks on Israel through official email address of Associated Press. Many believe that, such open exposure of this female journalist with AP in Dhaka shows to the world that this news agency is not only anti-Semitic but even tried to do everything to defame anyone who defends Israel.


Anti Semitic people in Associated Press

By: Sunita Paul

Following the publication of my recent article titled ´Press Under Attack in Bangladesh´, which was published in a number of global newspapers, I received several mails from various individuals and journalists from Bangladesh expressing thanks for putting focus on this extremely important issue, while a journalist named Ms. Parveen Ahmed, who works with Associated Press (AP) in Dhaka (Bangladesh) as well an unidentified individual named Syful Islam sent me two separate mails, almost at the same time expressing their anti-Semitic attitude.


Corrupts and corruption in Bangladesh

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury

The best achievement, if someone may show, of the present millitary backed interim government in Bangladesh, is their all out offensives against corruption. There is no room to have any doubt that, many of the former ‘untouchables’ were already put behind bar by this government and charges of corruption are going on, which many of the international and local observers opined as transparent.

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