Friday, September 18, 2009


On February 22, 2009 [almost 7 months back], a group of armed thugs belonging to ruling Bangladesh Awami League, led by one Shamim from Directorate General of Forces Intelligence [DGFI] and notorious criminal, smuggler, robber and professional killer Ruhul Amin [Cell Phone Number 0171-3012933, 01674070797] attacked the office of WEEKLY BLITZ, and looted valuables in presence of the members of Law Enforcing Agencies, as well physically assaulted members of this newspaper.

Ruhul Amin and his gang operates from Dhaka's Bangabazar area under the guidance of one SHINTU [Mobile Number 01719314578], who proclaims to be a close relative and 'Advisor' to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. It is reported that, since Awami League formed government in January 2009, series of crimes including extortion, murder, rape robbery are continuing under the guidance of this man through his cadres such as Ruhul Amin and others. It is also learnt that Shintu is running illegal business of narcotics from Banga Bazar areas as well operating a private brothel at Dhaka's Lalmatia area, where notorious criminals and hooligans are regularly seen.

Despite the fact of lodging formal complaint with Paltan Police Station on February 22, 2009 against Ruhul Amin and others following the notoriety at Weekly Blitz office, there is no sign of any action, as these crimilans are sheltered by influential figures in the ruling government.

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